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We build robust and scalable back-end solutions

If the front-end is the body of your solution, the back-end is the brain. We build extensible cloud-based and on-premise back-end solutions for mobile, web, AI and APIs that scale with your needs.

Back-end solutions

What we offer

We create back-end solutions to support any of your current processes. We can start from scratch or build on top of what you already have.

Mobile app back-end solutions

Our team of back-end developers assists businesses in building robust mobile back-end apps across multiple devices and platforms. We create fault-tolerant back ends for native, cross-platform or hybrid applications using the latest technology trends.

Web app back-end solutions

As a part of the backend web programming, we write code that transmits the database information to the browser flawlessly and allows integrating all the functionality into your web app.

Artificial intelligence integration

We implement and integrate artificial intelligence solutions into your workflows, seamlessly connecting them with your existing applications and infrastructure.

API development and integration

Our team of back-end experts can build a custom API to amplify your existing software or connect it with third-party services. Integrate your interface with other apps, devices, and business systems seamlessly and hassle-free.

Cloud solutions and migrations

We migrate and build your back-ends in today’s cloud infrastructure. Our back-end systems handle heavy loads and scale up and down, eliminating latency issues.

Our partner success stories


Endare as your back-end solutions partner

Multi-industry experience

As full-service software developers, we have more than 10 years of experience in developing all kinds of back-end solutions. With our team of over 30 experts in Ghent, we work towards the most intuitive software with our partners.

Long-lasting partnerships

We’ve co-created more than 150 solutions with over 60 partners. Our team of experts can help you take your idea from concept to completion and beyond.

End-to-end innovation

We’re passionate about the latest advancements in all parts of the development cycle. We never stop learning to ensure we keep developing cutting-edge applications.

Priority on security and privacy

At Endare, we know the challenges and importance of dealing with compliance in terms of security and privacy. Our team of experts only use best practices that have been proven and tested.

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