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Our Laracon 2024 highlights

Our Laracon 2024 highlights

Laracon 2024 in Amsterdam proved to be a mecca for PHP enthusiasts and developers seeking the latest advancements in the Laravel ecosystem. From tools like FrankenPHP and Laravel Reverb to exciting updates in Laravel 11, the conference showcased the innovation and evolution of Laravel as one of our go-to platforms.

Our Laracon highlights

FrankenPHP - A new PHP web server

FrankenPHP got introduced as a new web server based on Caddy, designed to run PHP applications, not only Laravel. It's an alternative for nginx + fpm and apache + mod. Its key features include the ability to embed the application in a binary, inclusion of popular PHP extensions.

With built-in "Let's Encrypt" integration, logs, metrics, and the inclusion of the "103 Early Hints" HTTP status code, which enables preloading of certain resources, FrankenPHP offers a holistic solution for PHP developers. Additionally, it introduces Mercure as an alternative to websockets, enhancing real-time communication capabilities.

Laravel Reverb

The “Real-Time Laravel” presentation delved into the usefulness of websockets for reducing latency and increasing efficiency in Laravel applications. The introduction of Laravel Reverb, a first-party websocket server, brought scalability to the forefront. 

Reverb is compatible with the Pusher protocol, can be used as any other broadcasting driver, and introduces a 'whisper' function for direct client-to-client communication through websockets, bypassing the Laravel backend. The presentation also highlighted events for tracking user connection status and more.

Interesting talks we attended

Laravel Pulse: Behind the Scenes

An interesting look at the inner workings of Laravel Pulse, and how they manage very high input volumes while still keeping a performant application.

Flip the switch slowly

Showed us how event sourcing can be used to migrate an application and its database gradually and safely, even when you don’t know exactly how the old version works.

Surviving large applications

Laid out a few rules which can be used to make development of large applications go smoother.

Unveiling the modular monolith

Gave attendees some practical tips and examples on how to structure a big project in a modular way.

Let rector do the boring work

Showcased an interesting package, which can help upgrade the PHP or package versions of a project. It works for Laravel, but also other frameworks like Wordpress.

Laravel 11 - A glimpse of the future

Last but not least, Laravel 11 is the much-anticipated next version of Laravel, set to launch next month. It promises significant enhancements to the Laravel framework. With fewer default files and improved auto-discovery features, Laravel 11 streamlines development processes by reducing the number of files in the starter application. Notable changes include the consolidation of configuration files inside the app bootstrap file, auto-discovery of events and listeners, and an out-of-the-box health route for easy health checks. Laravel 11 also introduces SQLite as the default database in the starter, less default migration files, and Pest as the default testing framework. From improved configuration options to better eager loading control, Laravel 11 is poised to elevate our PHP development.

Laracon 2024 in Amsterdam left us inspired and excited about the future of PHP development. With innovations like FrankenPHP, Laravel Reverb, and the upcoming Laravel 11, the PHP ecosystem continues to evolve. Offering developers powerful tools and frameworks to build modern, efficient, and scalable applications. As we eagerly await the release of Laravel 11, the conference serves as a testament to the vibrant and forward-thinking PHP community. See you next year!

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