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Workation 2.0

Workation 2.0

After the resounding success of our Workation last year, we felt we had to do it again. Exactly one year later and with a little more preparation, we were ready for Workation 2.0! A week away with colleagues where we work together and have a good time together. The 2.0 in this title guarantees even more fun and great memories!

Day 1 - The first night

After a long wait and many teasers, it was finally here! Time to pack up and head off to Florenville for the Workation! Due to last year's success, more colleagues than last year came along for the full week. It also ensured that quite a few colleagues tried their best to arrive earlier than last year. This was ideal for the fun activities we had in store!

After everyone had chosen a room and unpacked, we were spoiled by Hans and Sander with a delicious meal! The ideal lining for the rest of the evening. There was little planned on Monday evening, so we could fully enjoy the cottage. Some went ahead to test the indoor/outdoor pool. The rest enjoyed a cosy drink and Jakob made sure there was room for a dance. Overall, it was a nice atmospheric first evening!

Workation 2022 Food

Day 2 - Working and quizmaster Francisco

The aim of the Workation is largely to have fun and create a sense of vacation, hence the 'ation'-part. But of course, there was also work to be done. This time, we learnt from our mistakes last year. That is why we brought enough resources to provide us with internet. As a result, we could already work at our leisure, without fiddling with bad wifi.

Sander and Hans unfortunately had other commitments, so they had to take a break from the Workation. However, they didn't leave before providing us with delicious burgers. In the evening, it was up to Sander C and Francisco to feed the colleagues. With a genuine two-course meal, we were able to fill our bellies to the brim!

After the delicious meal, it was Francisco's time to take charge of the rest of the evening. He had provided an Endare quiz with questions about current (and some former) colleagues. The ideal way to get to know each other a little better!

Workation 2022 Working

Day 3 - Karaoke & Game Night

In fact, today was a day a lot of colleagues were looking forward to. After the usual work day, we were served mouth-watering pizzas by Sander C and Francisco. Although they were every bit as tasty as last year, these weren't the highlight of the evening. It was time to warm up your voice for our Karaoke & Game Night!

With colleagues, organising a Karaoke Night is always a risk. You mainly see each other in a professional setting and for many, singing in front of a group is a serious hurdle to overcome. Nothing was less true. Admittedly, many had to warm up a bit to the idea of taking a micro in hand. The further the evening progressed, the more people joined in the karaoke. When they acquired a taste for it, many could not resist singing a few more songs. In the end, almost everyone sang a few songs until late into the night. Talk about a big success! To be repeated…?

Workation 2022 Karaoke

Day 4 - The darkest night

The penultimate day already of the Workation. This is the day when the rest of the colleagues were going to arrive. Gradually, the house filled up and the rest of the rooms were filled. Then it was time for our team meeting, followed by a sumptuous barbecue, again provided by Hans and Sander. After the meal, new EndareWear was also unveiled, designed especially for our Workation. Wondering where you can find the reference to our Workation? Maybe Google Translate can offer some help!

After everyone's stomachs were filled, it was time for the evening activity. Nicolas and Hannes had organised a full-fledged dropping. Unlike last year, the weather was on our side this time. We waited for it to get dark and then we were dropped in groups in the darkest place imaginable. Armed with a compass and a torch, our task was to find our way to the indicated location on the map. Not an easy task, but fortunately everyone found their way home in the end!

Workation 2022 Endarewear

Day 5 - Back to the Stone Age

Everything comes to an end unfortunately, this Workation was no different. After 4 intense days/nights, it was time to pack our bags and leave. However, just because we had to leave the house didn't mean the Workation was over right away. We had a few more activities up our sleeves.

We were lucky! Just like last year, the last day, was the day with the best weather. Under a pleasant sun, we were able to channel our remaining energy into a game of Archery Tag. After that, we went back to basics and built Flintstone cars. After we tested these cars extensively, it was time to say goodbye and go home.

Workation 2022 Archery Tag

Once again, we can look back on a fantastic Workation. The 2.0 was certainly no exaggeration, as this edition certainly surpassed the previous one! Now, we can already start dreaming about the next Workation!

Workation 2022 Team Photo

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