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In the wake of the covid pandemic, Brewery of Ideas recognised the need for a radical shift in the way events are organised. Traditional conferences, bound to physical venues, incurred significant costs for both organisers and attendees. Additionally, these events carried inherent risks, and the valuable content they generated often went underutilised. as a SaaS platform

By offering a SaaS platform to organise digital events such as conferences, briefings, workshops and trainings, was created to move into the space of digital conferencing.

Peter Buelens
Founder Brewery of Ideas

"Our vision for is simple yet powerful. We aim to break free from the limitations of traditional events and empower organisers and participants with an innovative digital platform."

Get the most out of your events

Efficient and cost-effective want event organisation to be faster, more efficient, and cost-effective, irrespective of geographical boundaries.

Maximised content value

The content generated during events is a valuable resource. The platform commits to maximising its value, whether through monetisation or building vibrant event communities, long after an event has taken place.

Spotlight on speakers and partners

The people of believe that the voices of their speakers and the contributions of their partners should shine brightly. platform

AI-powered platform

Brewery of Ideas have always had the ambition to make the Netflix of digital events. With one substantial difference: they go beyond simply showcasing content. allows you to seamlessly initiate, plan, organise, promote and record events.

In the next iteration, the platform will be powered by AI in summarising presentations and automatically selecting keywords for further personalisation.

A streamlined partnership

Speedy response times are paramount during development. Weekly stand-up meetings and technical sessions with Brewery of Ideas' CTO are being held to ensure seamless communication.
Additionally, exclusive access to the project's Jira board made sure product and sprint backlogs could be meticulously tracked.

Peter Buelens
Founder Brewery of Ideas

"In our pursuit of this vision, we chose to partner with Endare. Quality, ethics and clear communication are essential to us in doing business. These are all values I saw as of day 1 of our collaboration."

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